Couponing Strategies for Greater Savings



Couponing Strategies

Aside from magazine coupons and printable coupons, there are online coupon codes offered by some stores that are directly entered into store discount cards affording their loyal customers greater savings. These are usually for loyal shoppers and local residents as they are the ones to naturally possess the specific store’s discount card. For other sources of coupons, many major newspapers feature coupons on its pages weekly or monthly.

Coupons may also available in the store you patronize, so you better ask about them. If you are serious about greater savings, you should look for coupons on the store shelves, at the back of product labels or your receipts. Not all stores will take the computer printable grocery coupons but many shopping centers now take them. Direct manufacturer’s coupons printed from their official websites will in all probability be accepted by major stores. When you receive your junk mail, make sure you are not tossing away freebies and coupons. It is also be best if you subscribe to your local store’s mailings, to take advantage of their announcements regarding special deals and freebies.

Some people are so enamored of coupons that they clip out every coupon they find, while some others just clip out those that they intend to use. Coupon hunters should develop their own filing system for greater savings from the coupons they clip. Organizing the coupons by category like frozen foods, dairy, household items, snack items etc. will enable you to find the best bargains at the right time. Coupons should be kept in a container for easy access and kept organized at all times. Coupons have expiry dates, so make sure that you throw away those coupons that already expired.

If you are serious about coupons, you should know basic terms and abbreviations. When you find a label that says BOGO, B1G1, B1G1F, it means the merchandize is sold on a Buy One, Get One free basis. BTFE means Box Tops for Education while FAR means Free after Rebate. GC means a gift card or certificate while a simple Q or CPN means coupon. There are many more terms to learn to maximize your possible savings from coupons.

Other ways of maximizing the use of coupons for greater savings is to find stores that double coupons and shop there. Your clipped or printed coupons should also be in your handbag at all times because stores can surprise you with a special deal when you least expect it. If you have clipped many coupons, you can match them to ongoing sales. There are online sites that keep track of these things.

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